Episode 7

I’m Alive Dammit!

Mindset, motivation and multiple sports, the Tri Me Tapes are the audio journal of an amateur athlete, Abi Dawson. 

Seeking a new challenge and an opportunity to improve her mindset Abi made the commitment to try new sports and compete. 

Initially, she identified triathlon as a true test of grit, physicality and most importantly mental fortitude. 

Join Abi and her partner in crime Matt as they discuss the journey to competition, the highs, the lows and lessons learnt along the way. 

In this tape of Tri-Me Tapes Podcast, we review the 16 - 18 weeks of training. Looking at weight management whilst ensuring nutrition is on point for endurance training. How food, recovery and increased workload leads towards anxiety, self-doubt and criticism of Abi’s ability in the sport.   

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In this episode, we discuss:

01:06 Accountability & supporting those that are new to triathlon 

01:50 Kit guide for beginner triathletes

03:49 Riding in extreme weather conditions

05:54 Kids size crash helmet top tip

07:02 Weight and nutrition update

08:57 Sugar & fueling the body for endurance training

10:00 Sleep, recovery & taking control of your nutrition

13:13 Accountability for your own diet

14:17 16 week review of training, mindset & progression

17:48 Anxiety, mistakes & high expectations 

21:10 Training alone and the effects on the mind

22:40 Rest week & recovery - the dangers of burnout

23:51 Training plan overview

25:29 Negative & Positive effects of tri-training

28:54 Data Vs Body - What to listen to? 

31:24 Advice for starting your fitness journey

32:13 Booking the first event! Woo Woking! 

34:01 What is a Brick?

38:48 Summary of 18 weeks of training

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